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See today's average rates across the country

  • Loan Type Rate APR
    30-yr Fixed 5.92% 6.11%
    15-yr Fixed 5.64% 5.91%
    5/1 ARM 5.7% 6.95%

    Rate data provided by

  • Loan Type Rate
    $50K HEL 7.13%
    $75K HEL 7.01%
    $50K HELOC 5.75%
    $30K HELOC 6.16%
    $30K HEL 7.65%
    $75K HELOC 5.74%

    Rate data provided by

  • CD Type Rate
    MMA 3.72%
    6 month CD 4.63%
    1 yr CD 4.82%

    Rate data provided by

  • Loan Type Rate
    48 month new car loan 6.86%
    36 month used car loan 7.32%
    36 month new car loan 6.8%
    60 month new car loan 6.86%

    Rate data provided by

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